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  /  Bogdan Toporan

Bogdan Toporan

Bogdan Toporan is the Founder and CEO of BISS | Best Internet Security, one of the first 100% Romanian companies focused entirely on cyber security, established in 2001.

Mr. Toporan carries an expertise of more than 20 years of dedication to the cyber security field, actively introducing security technologies to the Romanian marketplace, along with leveraging the hype type of information this particularly dynamic field of work has to deliver.

Passionate about information security and practical models of making it work for very heterogeneous environments, Mr. Toporan was involved in all BISS projects, from security base lining, to valid protection, remediation and resolution. Current interests outline the development of local SOCs (Sevurity Operations Centers), security intelligence and relevant operational cyber security services, mapped on the Romanian security ecosystem.

Mr. Toporan is usually addressing important matters that cover a holistic Cyber Security approach, bringing to attention new patterns, to leverage their success also for the Romanian private and public organizations. Put simply, BISS… proven experience, quality service and honest, impartial advice.