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  /  Dănuț Turcu

Dănuț Turcu

Professor Dănuț Turcu, PhD, is a professional in the fields of Communications and Information Systems, IT&C security and NATO Cyber Defense and is currently Head of the Information Systems and Cyber Ops Department within Security and Defense Faculty.

He is graduate of the MSc Information Technology Security from Romanian Military Technical Academy and of the postgraduate CIO/AMP program from CIC/ College of Information and Cyberspace, within US National Defense University, Washington, DC.

He has 19 years of experience in planning, design and delivering curricula for academic bachelor, master and postgraduate programs within the Romanian “Carol I” National Defense University, and 32 years of experience in IT&C operations within Romanian MoD, covering IT&C, EW, security and cyber defense, and is currently director of postgraduate program Cyber Defense for military leaders and of the MSc program Communications, IT and Cyber Defense for military managers and leaders.

He also completed as an expert in the past years two and respectively one research and development projects in European POSDRU and in national FP-7 programs, such as ProSCOP (POSDRU/189/2.1/G/156043), SmartSPODAS (POSDRU/159/1.5/S/138822) and NANOSTRUCT.

His work in the past years is presented in papers and articles at relevant international scientific conferences and journals: 1. CONSIDERATIONS ON CYBER SECURITY LEGISLATION AND REGULATIONS IN ROMANIA (2016), International Conference STRATEGIES XXI, Bucharest, April 14-15, 2016; 2. CYBERNETICS AND TECHNOLOGICAL EVOLUTION IN THE INFORMATION AGE (2014), International Conference STRATEGIES XXI, Bucharest, April 10-11, 2014; 3. ROMANIA STRONGLY ANCHORED IN NATO EDUCATIONAL SPACE (2014), Bulletin of “Carol I” National Defense University, March 2014.