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  /  Richard White

Richard White

Dr. Richard White is a research assistant professor teaching Computing Ethics and Homeland Security and Cybersecurity at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. He taught Air Force Academy cadets their senior military course before retiring from the Air Force in 2004. As an Air Force communications officer, he programmed nuclear cruise missiles, engineered computer networks, worked with the Luftwaffe to maintain NATO command and control systems, was the C6 Director of Communications for Combined Task Force PROVIDE COMFORT, Deputy Commander for computers and communications in Cheyenne Mountain, and Assistant Professor for Military Strategic Studies at the US Air Force Academy. Following retirement, Dr. White continued to pursue his interests in education and homeland security, publishing one of the first textbooks on the subject in 2005, and becoming an Associate Director at the UCCS Center for Homeland Security. For three years he conducted homeland security exercises at USNORTHCOM, and spent a year as a part-time emergency planner at the El Paso County Office of Emergency Management.

In 2013 he received his Ph.D. in Security Engineering from UCCS, and returned to the university under a research contract from the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate. In 2018 he accepted a temporary position as the UCCS Interim Director for Cybersecurity Programs administering an $8.4M cybersecurity grant from the Colorado legislature. In addition to teaching cybersecurity courses at UCCS, Dr. White also teaches an online course in Domestic and International Terrorism for Tulane University.